Criss Cross, The Convergent Art of Robyn Horn & Brian Dickerson



Brian Dickerson, Cairns, with an Essay by Miriam Seidel



‘Excavation’ – Constructed Paintings – Kouros Gallery.

We are pleased to share with you this short film composed by John Thornton.

“Philadelphia painter Brian Dickerson’s [past] exhibition at the Kouros Gallery in New York reveals an artist of rare intelligence and sensitivity. These deeply mysterious and beautiful painted assemblages share an affinity with artifacts from an ancient past. There is a deep emotional undertone to these works and I asked about the experiences in his life that led Dickerson to create them.”



Museum at University of Wyoming

Brian Dickerson speaks about his life as an artist, his techniques, and his Constructed Paintings, on exhibit through April 16, 2012 at University of Wyoming Art Museum.